A perfect day in the region

A perfect day in the region
© Rupert Pessl

Perhaps the “MARCHFELD Secrets” have aroused your curiosity about what this region at the gates of Austria’s capital city has to offer. Take a look at the various municipalities in the Marchfeld. From Aderklaa to Weikerndorf – the Marchfeld communities are as richly facetted as the region itself. You’ll be amazed at what there is to discover in this extraordinary stretch of land between Vienna and Bratislava!

Famous battles and the end of the Danube Monarchy

Did you know that Aderklaa was one of the theatres of conflict involved in the Battle of Wagram? In July 1809, Napoleon’s French troops defeated Archduke Charles of Austria. Another – more charming – curiosity can be found in Andlersdorf: the small community’s sports club boasts more members than Andlersdorf’s population. One of the historical events that brought international fame to Deutsch-Wagram was the opening of the Emperor Ferdinand Northern Railway in 1837. The first steam-driven railway train in Austria ran from Floridsdorf to Deutsch-Wagram. The township of Eckartsau also came to fame through an illustrious guest in the palace – Emperor Charles I: the last ruler of the Danube Monarchy spent his last months in Austria in Eckartsau Palace. On 23 March 1919 he set forth from Eckartsau for exile in Switzerland – leaving at Kopfstetten railway station.

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