World in motion! City.History.Mobility.

People are on the go, cities grow, history progresses …in a word: the world keeps going round and round. That is why the Lower Austria State Exhibition 2019 had dedicated two exhibition venues in the heart of Wiener Neustadt to the “World in Motion!”.

Moving worlds -

yesterday, today, tomorrow

The Kasematten, a former city fortification and now a unique architectural monument, was where the history of mobility cames to life. The focus of the exhibition was the Wiener Neustadt area and the city’s relationships with the rest of the world. Multimedia presentations, fascinating objects and extraordinary biographies form the cornerstones of a time journey were leading through the past, present and future. Whilst trying to answer the question: How will mobility shape our life in the future?

City cosmos –

beyond the city limits

Wiener Neustadt presented itself against the backdrop of global history in the former 13th-century abbey church of Museum St. Peter an der Sperr. The focus here was on the reigns of Habsburg Emperors Frederick III and Maximilian I, and Wiener Neustadt as their famed seat of power. The city’s historical development – from onetime imperial residence to industrial city and the modern-day centre of innovation it is today – was told through the biographies of key figures.

The Lower Austria State Exhibition - designed to include everyone

Lower Austria State Exhibitions can be experienced by everyone. For this reason, accessible design has been planned in every area, right from the start of the concept phase of the “World in Motion!” exhibition, on both a physical and content level.

Exhibition tours at both exhibition locations, the Kasematten & the Museum St. Peter an der Sperr, were accessible to all. Both exhibitions were able to be experienced in all facets of their content:

  • Videos in sign language
  • Easy-to-read texts
  • Tactile and acoustic stations

These exhibition features allowed all guests to enjoy an equal exhibition experience. Our cultural mediation team was very happy to tailor the exhibition tour to your individual needs and to welcome you in the "World in Motion"!

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