How long is the exhibition open? Until what time can I buy a ticket?

The exhibition is open from 30 March to 10 November 2019. We welcome you daily from 9am to 6pm and would like to inform you that the last admission to the exhibition is at 5pm.

Are photographs allowed?

You are welcome photograph and film in the exhibitions, unless otherwise stated. However, we ask that you do so for personal use only and without the use of flash, tripods and selfie sticks. We reserve the right to prohibit photography and filming of the exhibitions, or parts thereof, on a case-by-case basis.

If you would like to photograph or film for commercial and/or research purposes, please contact us in advance. You will need a separate permit for this.

Can I bring my dog to the exhibition?

As much as we like to welcome dogs, they are not allowed to visit the Lower Austria State Exhibition. Dogs and other pets are not allowed within the entire exhibition area.

Can rucksacks and luggage be brought into the exhibition?

Make your exhibition visit as comfortable as possible! Please place all umbrellas, walking sticks or similar items, travel bags and rucksacks in the cloak room upon arrival. Handbags and small backpacks that can be worn over the shoulder can be taken into the exhibition rooms. No liability is assumed for items in the cloakroom.

Food and drink

The consumption of food, drinks and ice cream is not permitted inside the exhibition rooms, however in Wiener Neustadt you will find a various options for a culinary break, before and after your exhibition visit: Food & drink in Wiener Neustadt


Smoking, the use of e-cigarettes and naked flames are all prohibited within the indoor spaces of the Lower Austria State Exhibition. In this context, reference is made to the fire safety regulations, which apply to all staff and visitors. The wonderfully-arranged outdoor areas of the exhibition sites provide space for a smoking break.

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