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The Marchfeld.
1 region.
1,001 secrets.

Can you keep a secret? Nothing on the Marchfeld plain is at it seems. Its vast expanses, primeval alluvial forests and unique animal inhabitants are downright magical. Yet the region also has a chequered history.

For example: Did you know that there has been drilling in the Marchfeld for millions-of-years-old seawater? Or that the region played a fateful role for the Habsburgs? That kingfishers dart across the waters in the winter, and Marchegg is home to the largest stork colony?

See the past and present of the Marchfeld come to life in an exhibition addressing nine key subjects in the Baroque halls of Marchegg Palace.

Are you ready to take a peek through the keyhole?

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Secret forces of nature:


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Traces discovered in the landscape:


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Event Highlights in the region

How about spending a day full of secrets, insights and experiences? How about having a great time at a memorable event on a special occasion ? Enjoy the atmosphere of a farmers’ market and take part in local celebrations! Your trip to the Lower Austria State Exhibition is sure to be an unforgettable one!

Pick your favourite event!

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Where the Morava meets the Danube:


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The heyday and decline of a cultural landscape:


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Book a guided tour

The mysterious MARCHFELD reveals some of its secrets during a guided tour of the exhibition. Join your guide on an exciting journey of discovery with lots of fascinating background information.

Book a guided tour to discover the secrets of the Marchfeld!

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From battlefield to royal playground:


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New forms of energy for new oportunities:


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Fertile land at our doorstep:


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You are only a click away from your ticket to the fascinating Marchfeld plain. You can buy your ticket for the Lower Austria State Exhibition here from 1 March 2022.

Book a ticket now to discover 1,001 secrets.

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Fluid boundaries, old and new:


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From nature to environment:


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A day in the Marchfeld

Spend an unforgettable day in the mystical Marchfeld! For families, adventurers and sporting aces – there’s something for everyone in the Marchfeld.
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